Your time shouldn't suffer neither should your image

Have you Experienced This?

 *The same old Knot every time (boring) Do you want something Unique and different that will stand out, grab peoples attention, and portray professionalism?

 *How many times are you late because of watching a video to learn how to tie a tie, fighting with your tie trying to get the perfect length and knot.      

 *The Necktie knots you tie are leaving an annoying tail that has to be tucked or hidden under the collar which became very uncomfortable, irritating and wont stay out of view.

 *Many times you ruin your nice ties. Handling it so much the wear and tear became to much for the fabric that it would fall apart in your hands if not snag, rip, or tear, not to mention the oily finger prints left behind.

 *Women find it difficult to shop for men. What can I get my guy? I have no idea what he needs? How can I impress the man in my life? Its True gifting for Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Grandfathers, Boyfriends, or the Prince Charming in a woman's life is a painful task most times.

Here are some of the benefits that our  ties will bring to our customers

*Enjoy the perfect tie knot every time             

*Customization options: Choose your Tie Color and Tie Knot

*Its a time Saver, No Redo, 0 Frustration    

*Makes the perfect gift for Men

*Adjustable Strap for a comfortable fit          

*High quality craftsmanship hand tailored necktie knots

*Attract others                                                

*No more precious time wasted fighting your tie

*Long life span. Less Wear and Tear not having to tie a tie

*No need to tuck or wrap the uncomfortable tail

*Stand Out and Get Noticed

*Great Conversation starter                           

*Easy to put on and take off (10 Seconds or Less)

*Caters to the fast pace world we live in        

*Fun to wear

*Portrays Professionalism                              

*It Promotes tie wearing

*Variety of knots and styles offered                

*Women shopping for men is now a no brainer