Have you experienced this?

 *The same old Knot every time (boring) Do you want something unique and different that will stand out, grab people’s attention, and portray professionalism?

 *You are late because of watching a video to learn how to tie a tie, fighting with your tie trying to get the perfect length and knot. How many times have you experienced this?

 *The necktie knots you tie are leaving an annoying tail that has to be tucked or hidden under the collar which became very uncomfortable, irritating and won’t stay out of view.

 *Many times you ruin your nice ties. Handling it so much the wear and tear became too much for the fabric that it would fall apart in your hands if not snag, rip, or tear, not to mention the oily finger prints left behind.

 *Difficulty discovering the perfect gift for the perfect guy. How can I impress the man in my life? It’s the perfect gift for Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Grandfathers, Boyfriends, or the Prince Charming.

When these fancy and cool knots came out, it became a popular trend. It’s no surprise since many men want to have a new look to stand out and boost confidence. The challenge is many were reporting it takes them 20 minutes up to 2 hours to tie these fancy ties! Your time shouldn't suffer neither should your image.

To make it even worse, the tie would not be the right length. There be fingerprints on the tie, and the tie would start being worn down. Most men who value their image and time would rather be making a positive impact in the world or doing what they love instead of tying a tie.

Then we hear of women desiring the men in their wedding to look sharp. It is an important day and each man wants to look sharp.

Men are enjoying our ties who want to stand out in a job interview or out networking.

Knot Brothers is beyond excited and honored to hear of ones with disabilities that are unable to tie a tie. Now they have a tie that enables them to feel good and have confidence!

Knot Brothers is a Brotherhood of Classy Men who value the importance of time and making a first class impression.

We accomplish this by creating personalized pre tied ties with unique necktie knots for convenience and style.

Our motto is “Instantly Build Confidence. Be Bold.Be Unique.Be You!”  The top 3 responses from those who wear our ties is that it’s a conversation starter, they have confidence, and feel good.  People are immediately attracted to the fancy Eldredge Knot or Trinity Knot.  We love hearing how our clients have a big boost in confidence.

It’s Knot Brothers strong desire and mission to share our creative and unique tie knots with the world. Convenience meets Elegance.

Here are some of the benefits from Knot Brothers

  1. Enjoy the perfect tie knot every time             
  2. Easy 2 step process: Choose your tie color and tie knot
  3. It’s a time saver. No redo. Zero frustration. 10 seconds you are ready to go!  
  4. Makes the perfect gift for Men
  5. Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit          
  6. High quality craftsmanship hand tailored necktie knots
  7. Attract others                                                
  8. Long life span. Less wear and tear not having to tie a tie
  9. No need to tuck or wrap the uncomfortable tail
  10. Stand out. Be noticed
  11. Great conversation starter                           
  12. Easy to put on and take off (10 Seconds or Less)
  13. Caters to the fast pace world we live in        
  14. Fun to wear
  15. Portrays professionalism                              
  16. It promotes tie wearing

Are you ready to take on the world with confidence and stand out? Let’s shop now!